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special on nbc news. >> mexico has more oil than texas and more than iraq. >> that was a long time ago. slowly but surely the mexico oil suffered from taxation and interference. production plummeted. but phebgs yo's presumed president elect champagned on changing mexican law to allow private investment. >> if mexico was able to significantly increase once again its oil and gas production, and since we sell 90% of what we export to the united states, this would contribute very significantly to what we would call north american energy independence. >> so their oil production has been climbing for the last five or six years. oil production is the opposite of weight. it's really easy to lose and very hard to gain back. >> and the russians, they began to decline. >> the mexican government is scared to death, they tax and their gravy train is dying in front of them. >> you have glimmers of enlightenment, and it usually involves russia. you see it over there that identify made sense to private ties -- >> you just tried to pigeon hole me in this whole thing. what would you do without somebody
standpoint, if they have to continue to pay brent prices and sell in a market that's dominated by west texas i'm not sure how they make money and make the capital investments that those old facilities need. >> john thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >>> coming up on "squawk box," billionaire investor and entrepreneur donald trump on jobs, politics, john roberts, the economy. >>> and then new jersey governor chris matthews joins us at 7:45 eastern. "squawk" will be right back. . the top academic performers surprised some people. so did the country that came in 17th place. let's raise the bar and elevate our academic standards. let's do what's best for our students-by investing in our teachers. let's solve this. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you
? >> reporter: it was virginia last year. >> and then texas was the year before -- yeah. but you don't want to do that. texas was the year before, right? >> reporter: texas was the year before, so yeah. >> i think you could figure that the state that's best would be the same state every year unless you subjectively look at different things each year. >> reporter: no. it doesn't change. >> it does? >> reporter: it does change. we try to keep the methodology at constant as we can from year to year. as i said, grading the states on criteria and so that changes a bit year to year and we have added some more metrics this year because there's more things available but the same basic categories and it does switch from year to year. some of it reflects the economy, some changes in the states and we'll see what -- who came out number one but i'll tell you there's interesting changes. >> when i went to school at colorado, we got beat by one school as the biggest party school and it was university of wisconsin. >> reporter: university of wisconsin. >> i know how you spent your four years up in madison
the gulf coast of texas and into louisiana, showers and storms with that heavy downpours and quite a bit of lightning. it's the southern tier of the nation continuing to stay on the stormy side. northward that's where things will be pleasant. enjoying sunshine, seasonable temperatures. we'll find mostly 80s and 90s across some of these areas and back to the west, mostly staying dry in those spots. hot in some areas, particularly in the deserts where we'll find some 100s. focus no doubt with the rain along this boundary. moisture flowing northward. so that will keep the threat for rain around. that boundary is going nowhere, at least through the end of the week, so we'll keep things wet. in terms of the numbers, well, maybe 1 to 2, 3 inches of rain possible in some of these spots from the lower mississippi valley, tennessee valley and back into the carolinas. wet times for the end of the week. back to you guys. >> thanks so much, alex. >>> let's talk about yahoo! this morning. yahoo!'s board slated to meet today to meet the company's ongoing ceo search ahead of tomorrow's shareholder meet
usage. >> the summer's been a little hot. >> summer's been okay so far. our company is heavily in texas, you probably don't notice it's been raining in texas the last couple of weeks, hot weather in texas wouldn't be a bad thing. >> we have to run but this deal gets done over dinner at boule, and i also understand i don't know if we have a picture of this, you just climbed kilimanjaro? >> yes, july 4th. >> any last-minute deal refinements at the top? >> i had to take a satellite phone, when you're in the shadows of kilimanjaro the cell phone doesn't work because the satellite is on the other side of the mountain. >> you were negotiating as you were climbing? >> you know, you get the deals done when you get the deals done. >> i take that as a yes. >> david, i want to thank you very much for coming in and congratulations again on the deal. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> thanks for being here. >>> coming up next on "squawk box," guest host and senator pat toomey of pennsylvania will talk about how to fix the economy and howard dean will join the conversation. between listening t
into our saturday more of the 100s from joplin remember missouri into north texas as well. this heat it's not going anywhere any time soon. >> alex, thanks. from weather to politic, john harwood joins us from washington with a look at some of the ads running in battleground states. also i guess you'll comment on the latest "new york times" poll. i'll tell you one thing, john, i look at this real clear politics average, different polls and they give you a number and it's been less than a two point difference for the two candidates. it's a close race. who knows what will happen. we don't know who the vice president pick is yet from mitt romney. the right direction wrong track average and that's been pretty consistent in about 30, it's 31 today. that's a tough -- that's a head wind. if people just feel bad about the prospects for their future in the country and you add in 8.2%, i junt wouldn't be too complacent. they better keep hitting hard. sooner or later talk about tax returns and the talk about private equity, we're going to get tired about talking about that i think and we'll be back >>> >>> taking no prisoners to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> ahh! >> special guest david walker, texas ranger, is ready to take on the deficit and rein in government spending. >>> finding solutions on america's drowning debt. >> it's literally crazy. >> it's madness. it's numbers. it's math. >> former fed vice chair and member of the deficit commission alice rivlin is here. >> and what's on tap for investors before the day begins. >> now. sell for the 142! >> it's the second hour of "squawk box," begins right now. good morning, everybody. welcome back to "squawk box" here on cnbc. i'm becky quick along with joe kernen and andrew ross sorkin. we are expecting glaxo smithklein to acquire human genome science this is morning. they agreed on a takeover deal. also fewer u.s. companies are planning to hire new workers according to a new survey from the national association for business economics. 23% of firms plan to add employees in the next six months, down from 39% in the previous survey that was just three months ago. lot of worries about europe were cited by nearly half the companies polled. >
is weaker than usual for this time of year. texas instruments says customers are cautious due to global economic uncertainties. you see it there. shares fall slightly in extended trading. the 2 q results beat the street. they say they're making progress to increase the number. the stock hit an 18-month low last week on worries the weakening chinese economy could hurt it. pfizer's experimental alzheimer's drug failing one of four big trials. it involved patients with mild to moderate forms of disease, it did not improve cognitive and life function. johnson & johnson is partnering with with pfizer on that treatment. they'll continue with three other late trials and you can see it falling on the news. irish drug maker has a long-standing financial interest in the drug and its shares were also hit the hardest. we've also got a bit of deal news. car law group and bcb parngs joining forces in a bid to bayou nighted technologies industrial business. the transaction could be valued at more than $3.5 billion. >> we have earnings just coming out. dupont hitting the wires. the company has earnings
on a hedge, and pretty soon they had what they call a texas hedge. >> warren, can we go back to libor for a moment, too? >> sure. >> you mentioned that you have some contracts and some things that are based off of libor. >> sure. >> that have been there, i'm guessing derivatives and other things that have been in that? >> yeah, we own some auction rate municipals for example, priced off libor, a couple billion. >> what happens, if libor was manipulated, do you have a case to go back and have a complaint, to have a lawsuit, to have anything that comes up with any of this? >> well, i think there certainly will be a bunch of lawyers that think that. if you can pin down the everyone that did something to you and there may well be some kind of a case. we bought these securities in the market auction rate municipals that have, that are tied to libor. i have a feeling that, for any one entity, the amount might be very, very small. >> $3 there will and things that are priced against this. >> the numbers would stagger you. >> so how big of a problem could this turn out to be down the today? >>
and john so and johnson that lined up. >> unilever and texas instrumen instruments. they come in at 45 basis points for three years, 85 basis points for five years. this is substantial and being done at record pace here for the summertime, and those type of things that go on -- i always watch ibm as a benchmark for this at 187 on the ten-year. these are the things we want to watch going forward if the sfw rate cycle turns. again, these are things that are happening that we think of the driver of equity prices going up in july. we talked about 1347 last week on the show. it got above there. we expected good things to happen, and that's what we saw, and now they have to deliver and it gets us into the end of the month and into the big dat tachlt the pmis come out and show some improvement. this is the kind of chop we're going into now. >> kevin, thank you very much. joe is supposed to be back here. joe is coming back. he's a little distracted. has a lot of things going on this morning. >> no. we went to this incredible -- >> i know what you're talking about. >> i was over with andrew. th
dakota, in eagleford in south texas, it would be a lot more difficult -- >> in spite of instead of because of. so just say it, dan. it's in spite of -- >> is that something the administration is getting credit for? had nothing to do with? how would you characterize it? >> i think it's largely been driven by private initiative on private lands. what the administration has done is basically come out in favor of the shale gas development which has had, you know, created all these jobs, very large investment, and it's given the u.s. a competitive advantage. and i think the administration had to decide a couple of years ago, a year or two ago, where did it stand, and its basic view has been in favor of shale gas development. >> could they -- should they have done more to bring more oil to market, in your opinion? >> well, bringing more -- you know, it's not really -- there's limits to what the government can do. clearly, leasing on federal lands, what happens in the offshore, those have a big effect. and those kind of policies are, you know, right now, for instance, what are the rule
donald's, ford motor, eaton, texas instruments and everyone is saying their customers are uncomfortable with europe, and the potential outcomes there. so if there were some sort of resolution it would be very helpful to the world economy to spending. >> are the dividend plays crowded right now? do they feel like they're expensive? >> they don't. i have seen that we've seen some outperformance of specific high yielding sectors like utilities and telecom, but when we look at companies, we look at company by company and they don't seem to, the companies that we look at that have reasonable multiples and high dividend neelds don't seem to have been bid up. >> it feels like there should be a bubble in the companies you're talking about. >> it's like utilities. are utilities a good buy right now, 3.8 or 4% dividend on a lot of these things? is that something? >> you have utilities have been bid up somewhat because people are looking for yield, so if you think that interest rates are going to head back up within the next year or two, you're going to see a correction in that group from people w
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12